Fall 2017

SHAKEWALK Class Series

and Performance

with Kathy Westwater

Taking two everyday forms of movement, we will allow these forms to disorganize within, and to be disorganizing of, our bodies. This process will lead us into understandings of function and form, and also into expressive potentials that arise within experiential states of disorder. As we explore in solo, duet, and ensemble improvisations, moving periodically in contact and/or with eyes closed, the lines between states of order and disorder will be at times stark and at others blurred. The sensations that arise within this unstable and unbound matrix range from relaxing to energizing, and from disorienting to freeing.

At the end of the series a score that sources these explorations will be performed by class participants at Brooklyn Studios for Dance. 

ShakeWalk Classes

Mondays, September 11-

December 11


ShakeWalk Performance

Saturday, December 2 

 7:30pm (5:30pm rehearsal)

Brooklyn Studios for Dance

210 Lafayette Avenue

Brooklyn 11238


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